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# Title Working Group Year/Venue Paper/poster
1 A Case History of Restoration, Ideas and Working Methods in 19th-Century Holland
Koos Levy-van Halm*, Ella Hendriks
Theory and History of Restoration 1993 Washington DC Paper
2 A Case of Fungal Biodeterioration on an Ancient Textile
Maria Pia Nugari*, Maria Rita Giuliani
Textiles 1993 Washington DC Paper
3 A Conservation Method for W aterlogged W ood Using a Sucrose-Mannitol Mixture
András Morgós*, Setsuo Imazu
Wet Organic Archaeological Materials 1993 Washington DC Paper
4 A Large Ivory Miniature: Conservation Problems of the Support
Carmen Krisai-Chizzola*
Easel Paintings on Rigid Support 1993 Washington DC Paper
5 A New Class of Fluorinated Acrylic Polymers: Protective Materials for Stone
M. Aglietto*, E. Passaglia, E. Taburoni, F. Ciardelli, C. Botteghi, U. Matteoli, S. Paganelli, R. Arbizzani, V. Fassina
Resins: Characterization and Evaluation 1993 Washington DC Paper
6 A New Instrument for Non-Destructive Pixel-by-Pixel Analysis of Art Objects
Manfred Schreiner*, Michael Mander
Not assigned 1993 Washington DC Poster
7 A New Method for Cleaning and Conservation of Lead Objects Using Hydrogen and Oxygen Plasma
Birthe Gottlieb*, Claus Gottlieb, Anker Sjogren, Tove Jakobsen
Metals 1993 Washington DC Paper
8 A Pragmatic Approach to Environmental Improvements in the Courtauld Institute Galleries in Somerset House
William O. Clarke*, May Cassar
Lighting and Climate Control 1993 Washington DC Paper
9 A Quantitative Study of Decay Processes of Venetian Glass in a Museum Environment
Victoria Oakley*, Philip Rogers, David McPhail, Jason Ryan
Not assigned 1993 Washington DC Poster
10 A Retable of Madrid's 16th Century: Process of Execution
Rocio Eruquetas*, Ana Carrasson
Not assigned 1993 Washington DC Poster
11 A Study of the Technique of the Altar Bar Painting in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin
V. N. Yarosh*
Mural Paintings and Mosaics 1993 Washington DC Paper
12 A Support System for Flexible Palm Spathe Objects
Colin A. Macgregor*
Ethnographic Materials 1993 Washington DC Paper
13 A System for Data Collection for Skin and Leather Artifacts: I. Wall Hangings and Paintings
Mara Nimmo*, Mariabianca Paris, Lidia Rissotto
Conservation of Leathercraft and Related Objects 1993 Washington DC Paper
14 A Technical Examination of Surface Deterioration of Stanley Spencer's Paintings at Sandham Memorial Chapel
Aviva Burnstock*, Melanie Caldwell, Marianne Odlyha
Modern and Contemporary Art 1993 Washington DC Paper
15 A Technical Investigation of the Materials and Methods of Dosso Dossi
Barbara H. Berrie*, Sarah L. Fisher
Subgroup: Study of Painting Techniques 1993 Washington DC Paper
16 A Training Program for Paintings Conservators in the Netherlands
Anne van Grevenstein*
Training in Conservation and Restoration 1993 Washington DC Paper
17 Accelerated Deterioration of Artists' Oil Paints: An Assessment Involving Ultraviolet Fluorescence Microscopy
Gillian Osmond*
Modern and Contemporary Art 1993 Washington DC Paper
18 Acquisition de données et contrôle par ordinateur dans les traitements à hasse pression
Luc Maximilien Comolli *
Structural Restoration of Paintings on Canvas 1993 Washington DC Paper
19 An Evaluation of Biocides for Control of the Biodeterioration of Artifacts at Hearst Castle
Thomas Frey*, Jennifer von Reis, Zdravko Barov
Control of Biodeterioration 1993 Washington DC Paper
20 An Identification Method for Fat and/or Oil Binding Media used on Australian Aboriginal Objects
Sue Gatenby *
Ethnographic Materials 1993 Washington DC Paper
21 An Improved Vidicon TV Camera for IR-Reflectography
Alexander J. Kossolapov*
Scientific Examination of Works of Art 1993 Washington DC Paper
22 An Interdisciplinary Bibliographic Approach to a Complex Conservation Problem: The Consolidation of Matte Paint
Eric F. Hansen, Mitchell Hearns Bishop*, Sue Walston
Documentation 1993 Washington DC Paper
23 Analysis of Peruvian Dyestuffs: A Case Study
Arie Wallert*, Ran Boyner
Not assigned 1993 Washington DC Poster
24 Analysis of the Binding Media of Rembrandt's "Jewish Bride" Using Pyrolysis - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
E. Rene de la Rie*, Michael Palmer, Karin Groen, Manja Zeldenrust
Not assigned 1993 Washington DC Poster
25 Annealing of Brittle Archaeological Silver: Microstructural and Technological Study
Irina G. Ravich*
Metals 1993 Washington DC Paper
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