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ICOM-CC is the largest of the International Committees of ICOM (International Council of Museums). ICOM-CC aims to promote the conservation of culturally and historically significant works and to further the goals of the conservation profession and organises Triennial Conferences to bring together professionals from all over the world who are interested in conservation. The Conference represents the apex of the triennial activity of the Committee and of its Working Groups.

The scroll-down search menu on the Advanced Search page provides the current names of the Working Groups as well as historical past names a Working Group may have used in order to simplify the search by Working Group.

From 1967 to date, 18 conference preprints from the ICOM-CC Triennial Conferences have been published, totaling more than 2600 peer reviewed contributions on conservation practices, theory and science. ICOM-CC Publications Online is a platform dedicated to provide access to these publications.

At the 18th Triennial Conference in Copenhagen 2017, celebrating the 50th anniversary, Preprints of the 17th and the 16th Conferences in Melbourne 2014 and in Lisbon 2011 were published online. The 18th Copenhagen Preprints have been available since January 2018. Preprints from the previous conferences are being converted to digital format and will be available in the near future.

A major contribution to the ICOM-CC Publications Online project has been the expertise and assistance provided by the Getty Research Institute (GRI) and the Getty Conservation Institute(GCI). The digitalization of  the 3rd  (Madrid 1972) through the 10th (Washington D.C. 1993) ICOM-CC Triennial Preprints was generously made with the collaboration of various departments and individuals at the Getty, including the GRI, GCI Information Center staff and Getty Trust Legal. These scanned volumes are also available on Getty Internet Archive in PDF and Kindle formats.


Links to the digitized volumes can also be found in Primo and will eventually be available in the Getty Research Portal and WorldCat.