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# Title Working Group Year/Venue Paper/poster
1 A conservator as an art doctor: The role of medical metaphors in conservation
Yuka Okawa*
Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation 2023 Valencia Poster
2 'Facelifts & Makeovers': Educating a larger audience about the mysteries and challenges of conservation
Sabrina Meloni*, Quentin Buvelot
Education and Training in Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
3 'Lai rod nam': Thai lacquer decoration at the wood court of King Sanphet VIII, Wat Sai
Radchada Buntem*
Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer 2023 Valencia Paper
4 ‘Reflexive autoethnography’: Subjectivity, emotion and multiple perspectives in conservation decision making
Jane Henderson*, Ashley Lingle, Phil Parkes
Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
5 “Training the trainers”: Using ICOM’s solidarity project at the Museum of Christian Art in Goa
Ana Teresa Reis*, António Candeias, Frazer Andrade, Glen Fernandes, Natasha Fernandes, Noah Fernandes, Priti Carvalho
Education and Training in Conservation 2023 Valencia Poster
6 A 1000-year-old story told over 70 metres: A multidisciplinary approach for the future conservation and display of the Bayeux Tapestry
Cécilia Gauvin*, Elodie Aparicio Bentz, Gilles Tournillon, Leïla Sauvage, Raphaëlle Déjean, Thalia Bajon Bouzid
Textiles 2023 Valencia Paper
7 A 16th-century instrument to create damask leather: From Månsson’s drawing to the prototype
Federica Moretti*, Mara Nimmo, Mariabianca Paris, Marina Marchese
Leather and Related Materials 2023 Valencia Poster
8 A characterization of photo linen: Defining an atypical silver gelatine developing-out material
Kayleigh Kunst-van der Gulik*, Clara Waldthausen
Photographic Materials 2023 Valencia Paper
9 A climate balancing act: Negotiating environmental conditions for loans between different climate zones
Margarita Villanueva*, Adriana Páez Cure, Agnes Brokerhof
Preventive Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
10 A comparison of preservation metrics expressing mechanical, chemical and biological damage
Annelies Cosaert*, Alexandre Mayer, Olivier Deparis, Renaud Gérard
Preventive Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
11 A comprehensive study of botanical wet collections conservation issues
Laura Brambilla*, Elodie Granget, Marion Dangeon
Scientific Research 2023 Valencia Poster
12 A multi-analytical approach to the characterization of Chinese yellow and green carved lacquer layers
Julie Chang*, Michael Schilling
Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer 2023 Valencia Paper
13 A non-invasive X-ray diffraction technique unaffected by sample morphology: Illustrating capabilities through the study of the technology and condition of wall painting fragments
Joshua Hill*, Austin Nevin, Craig Hiley, Graeme Hansford
Scientific Research 2023 Valencia Poster
14 A novel method for paper durability evaluation based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Li Ding*, Jianhui Liu, Qin Yang, Zheng Lee
Scientific Research 2023 Valencia Paper
15 A road map towards a global infrastructure for heritage science
Marie-Noëlle Grison*, Annelena De Groot, Gadis Fitriana Putri, Glennis Rayermann, Maria Laura Petruzzellis, Tamar Hestrin-Grader
Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation 2023 Valencia Poster
16 A sustainable future for endogenous conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Muriel Verbeeck*, Francine Mava
Education and Training in Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
17 A vacuum of research? Examining textile vacuuming methods
Awyn Rileybird*, Catherine Matsen, Jocelyn Alcántara-García
Textiles 2023 Valencia Paper
18 A Valencian masterpiece in Utrecht: Technical analysis of a painting by Joan Reixach
Marya Albrecht*, Gert van Gerven, Melissa Daugherty
Paintings 2023 Valencia Paper
19 Ambient temperature and humidity field simulation for environmental monitoring in museum exhibition spaces
Ming Tang*, Weixin Qian, Anmei Shi, Huan Zhang, Jing Liu, Min Liu
Preventive Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
20 An art technical study and examination of mediaeval Islamic paper colouring techniques
Hassan Ebeid*, Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo, Irena Kralj Cigic, Matija Strlic
Art Technological Source Research 2023 Valencia Paper
21 An extraordinary community engagement initiative for the preservation of cultural heritage in the Americas: APOYOnline Manos a la Obra
Beatriz Haspo*
Preventive Conservation 2023 Valencia Poster
22 An interdisciplinary approach: The MA program in Art History and Conservation of Buddhist Heritage at The Courtauld
Lori Wong*, Sujatha Meegama
Education and Training in Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
23 Applicability of darning stitches to textile conservation
Mengying Zhang*, Ana Albano Serrano, Marjolein Homan Free
Textiles 2023 Valencia Poster
24 Archaeometric study of pot sherds from a pre-Harrapan site in Kunal, Haryana, India
Dharini Kumar*, Satish Pandey
Archaeological Materials and Sites 2023 Valencia Poster
25 Articulating the intent in conservation: (Re)collecting and (re)creating 'Blikk' (1970–2022)
Jina Chang*
Modern Materials and Contemporary Art 2023 Valencia Paper
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