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# Title Working Group Year/Venue Paper/poster
1 A conservator as an art doctor: The role of medical metaphors in conservation
Yuka Okawa*
Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation 2023 Valencia Poster
2 Cloth of metal (Indian Shamiana): Scientific Characterisation of Metal threads Corrosion.
Fatmaa El Zahraa Sadat *, Wafaa Mohamed, Mai Rifai
Metals 2019 Neuchâtel Paper
3 Equipment Identification and the Development of Dry-Ice Blasting Parameters for Cleaning Archaeological Wrought Iron, Copper-Alloys, and Gray Cast Iron
William Hoffman*, Laurie King
Metals 2019 Neuchâtel Paper
4 "Interactive" Didactic Material in Conservation
B. de Tapol*
Preventive conservation 1996 Edinburgh Paper
5 "The granulated donkey?" Shagreen: Some aspects of conservation
Jutta Gopfrich*
Leather and related materials 1999 Lyon Paper
6 "A study in Scarlet" – unveiling the mystery of the Portuguese medieval illumination palette
Catarina Miguel*
Art Technological Source Research 2011 Lisbon Paper
7 "History is my material" - Anselm Kiefer
Christina Young*, Amy Griffin, Tom Hale
Paintings 2014 Melbourne Paper
8 "Weeping sculptures": Research into the degradation and conservation of artworks from the series “Stage evidence” by Loris Cecchini.
Marta Palmeira*
Modern Materials and Contemporary Art 2011 Lisbon Poster
9 'A drop or two': Late medieval recipes on the use of resins and varnishes in paints
Indra Kneepkens*
Art Technological Source Research 2017 Copenhagen Poster
10 'Facelifts & Makeovers': Educating a larger audience about the mysteries and challenges of conservation
Sabrina Meloni*, Quentin Buvelot
Education and Training in Conservation 2023 Valencia Paper
11 'Lai rod nam': Thai lacquer decoration at the wood court of King Sanphet VIII, Wat Sai
Radchada Buntem*
Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer 2023 Valencia Paper
12 'Like with like’: A comparison of natural and synthetic stitching threads used in textile conservation
Sarah Benson*, Frances Lennard, Margaret J. Smith
Textiles 2014 Melbourne Paper
13 'Of only modest artistic quality': Reconsidering the significance of firm ecclesiastical wall painting in England, 1845–1920
Elizabeth Woolley*
Murals, Stone, and Rock Art 2017 Copenhagen Paper
14 "More than a pure technical sensation": Twentieth-century metallic paints, their formulations, and use in paintings
Maria Kokkori*, Ken Sutherland, Johanna Salvant, Francesca Casadio, Julie Barten, Carol Stringari
Art Technological Source Research 2017 Copenhagen Paper
15 (Rogers 2).7H2O
Andrew Thorn*
Mural paintings/Rock art 1996 Edinburgh Paper
16 (S)watch it! Identifying, replicating, and restoring the original color of di Suvero’s K-piece
Nikki van Basten*, Susanne Kensche, Lydia Beerkens
Modern Materials and Contemporary Art 2017 Copenhagen Paper
Abdelaziz Elmarazky*, Abdelaziz Elmarazky-, The Grand Egyptian Museum- Conservation Centre (GEM-CC), Alice Boccia Paterakis, Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, Kaman, Kirsehir, Turkey.
Metals 2019 Neuchâtel Paper
18 [Un:]Reasonable – broadening acceptable climate parameters for furniture on open display
Boris Pretzel*
Preventive Conservation 2014 Melbourne Paper
19 ´Ajami - rooms – polychrome wooden interior decorations from Syria of the 17th to the 19th centuries: a view into art technology and conservation problems
Anke Scharrahs*
Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration 2008 New Delhi Paper
20 ‘A perfect ground is the very soul of the art’ (Kingston 1835): ground recipes for oil painting, 1600–1900
Maartje Witlox*, Leslie Carlyle
Paintings 2005 The Hague Paper
21 ‘All that glitters is not pseudogold’: a study in pseudopseudogilding
Gerhard Eggert*, Hartmut Kutzke
Metals 2002 Rio de Janeiro Paper
22 ‘Anti-scrape’ in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: the reconstruction of the colours of Cuypers
Anne van Grevenstein*
Sculpture and Polychromy 2005 The Hague Paper
23 ‘Common platform’ courses promote conservation
Elizabeth E Peacock*
Education and Training in Conservation 2014 Melbourne Poster
24 ‘EthCon’ – Teaching Ethics in Ethnographic Objects Conservation
Cord Brune*
Education and Training in Conservation 2011 Lisbon Paper
25 ‘Less slick and not so clever’ The matt aesthetic and the art of E. Phillips Fox (1865-1915)
Catherine Nunn*
Paintings 2014 Melbourne Paper
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