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# Title Authors Working Group Venue/Year Presented Paper/poster
1 "History is my material" - Anselm Kiefer Christina Young*, Amy Griffin, Tom Hale Paintings Melbourne 2014 Paper
2 'Like with like’: A comparison of natural and synthetic stitching threads used in textile conservation Sarah Benson*, Frances Lennard, Margaret J. Smith Textiles Melbourne 2014 Paper
3 [Un:]Reasonable – broadening acceptable climate parameters for furniture on open display Boris Pretzel* Preventive Conservation Melbourne 2014 Paper
4 ‘Common platform’ courses promote conservation Elizabeth E Peacock* Education and Training in Conservation Melbourne 2014 Poster
5 ‘Less slick and not so clever’ The matt aesthetic and the art of E. Phillips Fox (1865-1915) Catherine Nunn* Paintings Melbourne 2014 Paper
6 ‘Reducing risks to cultural heritage’: Analysis of a course metamorphosis. catherine antomarchi* Education and Training in Conservation Melbourne 2014 Paper
7 “Evaluation of nanotechnology for conservation of historical buildings: application of TiO2 nano-particle as a self-cleaning and antimicrobial coating material to surface of calcareous stone” sayed mansour*, Amani abd el Hafez., Yasunori Matsuda Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Melbourne 2014 Poster
8 “I try to keep surfaces as anonymous as possible”. Conservation issues in Richard Serra's monumental paintstick drawings on canvas. Meta Chavannes*, Hannie Diependaal, henk van keulen, Louise Wijnberg, Marc Bongaarts, Margje Leeuwestein, Suzan Catucci-de Groot Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Melbourne 2014 Paper
9 “It felt a little like being let into a secret– “ A community-influenced museum exhibition on Technical Art History Jorgen Wadum*, A.H. Christensen, B.A. Larsen, F. Knap, H. Tempest Education and Training in Conservation Melbourne 2014 Poster
10 “Shipwreck Conservation Centre and Studio Warehouse in Tczew – construction of a cultural infrastructure branch of The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk.” Katarzyna Schaefer*, Irena Jagielska, Irena Rodzik, Malgorzata Kowalska Education and Training in Conservation Melbourne 2014 Poster
11 “Treatment of air dried archaeological wool textiles from waterlogged environment”. Annemette Bruselius Scharff* Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Melbourne 2014 Paper
12 300 years of decay revealed by Synchrotron analysis of the de Vlamingh 1697 pewter plate Ian MacLeod*, David Thurrowgood, Gwynneth Pohl Metals Melbourne 2014 Paper
13 3D in focus microscopy of paintings using a Hirox 8700 digital microscope mounted on a MOPAS mobile XY stand system. Jaap Boon*, Emilien Leonardt Paintings Melbourne 2014 Poster
14 3D-Coform: Advancing the State of the Art in 3D Documentation for Conservation and Restoration Ruven Pillay* Documentation Melbourne 2014 Poster
15 50 years of synthetic adhesives in the Rijksmuseum Suzan Meijer* Textiles Melbourne 2014 Paper
16 A 15th century Flemish 'Closed Garden' in cuir bouilli. Production, Degradation and Conservation Issues of a small painted Leather Panel. Lieve Watteeuw*, Marina Van Bos Leather and Related Materials Melbourne 2014 Paper
17 A complete study of early 20th century oil-based enamel paints: integrating industrial technical literature and analytical data. Maria Kokkori*, Francesca Casadio, Jaap Boon Art Technological Source Research Melbourne 2014 Paper
18 A Conservation Encounter with Modern Balinese Art Siew Wah Lee*, Tay Jam Meng Graphic Documents Melbourne 2014 Poster
19 A cross-cultural investigation into practitioner decisions and public perceptions of cleaning metal objects in the UK and Qatar Stavroula Golfomitsou*, Jill Saunders Metals Melbourne 2014 Poster
20 A fully preserved red and white Iron Age dress - excavation, stabilization and engaging the local community Lise Raeder Knudsen*, Anne-Kathrine Kjerulff, Louis Lange Wollesen Textiles Melbourne 2014 Paper
21 A Landscape of Survival: Preservation of the Archaeological Heritage in the Border Area between Azerbaijan and Armenia Maruchi Yoshida*, Andrea Ricci, PD Dr. Barbara Helwing Preventive Conservation Melbourne 2014 Paper
22 A microfading study of Mark Rothko’s materials for the Seagram murals (1958-59) Joyce Townsend*, Bronwyn Ormsby, Patricia Smithen, Rachel Barker Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Melbourne 2014 Poster
23 A new beginning for English Heritage’s archaeological and architectural stored collections david thickett*, amber xavier rowe, bethan stanley, charlie newman, martin allfrey Preventive Conservation Melbourne 2014 Paper
24 A New Three Legged Stool: Research and Educational Ventures Between the Frans Hals Museum, Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg, and Washington and Lee University Erich Uffelman*, Femke van der Knaap, Herman van Putten, Jessica Roeders, Jorinde Koenen, Julia van den Burg, Kate Seymour, Liesbeth Abraham, Mireille te Marvelde, René Hoppenbrouwers, Samuel Florescu Education and Training in Conservation Melbourne 2014 Paper
25 A phenomenological atlas of degradation of cadmium yellow oil paint in paintings by Piet Mondrian Laura Kolkena* Paintings Melbourne 2014 Poster
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