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# Title Authors Working Group Venue/Year Presented Paper/poster
1 'A drop or two': Late medieval recipes on the use of resins and varnishes in paints Indra Kneepkens* Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
2 'Of only modest artistic quality': Reconsidering the significance of firm ecclesiastical wall painting in England, 1845–1920 Elizabeth Woolley* Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
3 "More than a pure technical sensation": Twentieth-century metallic paints, their formulations, and use in paintings Maria Kokkori*, Ken Sutherland - ksutherland@artic.edu; Johanna Salvant - jsalvant@northwestern.edu; Francesca Casadio - fcasadio@artic.edu; Julie Barten - jbarten@guggenheim.org; Carol Stringari - cstringari@guggenheim.org Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Paper
4 (S)watch it! Identifying, replicating, and restoring the original color of di Suvero’s K-piece Nikki van Basten*, Susanne Kensche - susannekensche@krollermuller.com; Lydia Beerkens - lydia.beerkens@planet.nl Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
5 A behaviour index for complex artworks: A conceptual tool for contemporary art conservation Sanneke Stigter* Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
6 A bottom-up and mixed-methods approach to understanding visitors’ perceptions of dust, dirt and cleaning Catherine Dillon*, Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou - s.golfomitsou@ucl.ac.uk; Flavia Ravaioli - flavia.ravaioli.10@ucl.ac.uk; Cymbeline Storey - cymstorey1@hotmail.com; Catherine Tully - c.tully.11@alumni.ucl.ac.uk; Graeme McArthur - graeme.mcarthur@wallacecollection.org; Katy Lithgow - Katy.Lithgow@nationaltrust.org.uk Preventive Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
7 A cape for the Buddha. Notes on Pipilotti Rist’s Himalaya Goldsteins Stube Irene Glanzer*, Andreas Weisser - andreas.weisser@doernerinstitut.com Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
8 A comparison of ethanol and methanol vapour treatments for reshaping birch bark Carole Dignard*, Season Tse - season.tse@canada.ca; Sonia Kata - kata.sonia@gmail.com; Jennifer Poulin - jennifer.poulin@canada.ca Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures Copenhagen 2017 Paper
9 A l’usage des artistes peintres' (Blockx 1881)? Audience and readership of historical recipe books, 1550–1900 Maartje Stols-Witlox* Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
10 A materials- and values-based approach to the conservation of fashion Sarah Scaturro* Theory and History of Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
11 A modern approach to dismantling and redisplaying a historic blue whale skeleton Arianna Bernucci*, Lorraine Cornish, Cheryl Lynn Natural History Collections Copenhagen 2017 Paper
12 A reality check for microfade testing: Five examples Bruce Ford*, Bruce Ford - bford@microfading.com.au; Nichola Smith - Nicki.Smith@nma.gov.au Preventive Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
13 A role for bespoke codes of ethics Jonathan Ashley-Smith* Theory and History of Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
14 A sticky situation: A different method for removing adhesive from an early 17th-century carpet Julia Carlson* Textiles Copenhagen 2017 Paper
15 A taste of pearl: (Re)discovering a modern lead white in PMMA sculptures Sara Babo*, Eva M. Angelin - e.angelin@campus.fct.unl.pt; Joana L. Ferreira - jlaf@fct.unl.pt; Maria J. Melo - mjm@fct.unl.pt Scientific Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
16 Accessioning and documentation of Pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 until now Stephanie de Roemer*, Tarn Brown, Tarn.Brown@glasgowlife.org.uk Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
17 Adhesive removal using gels for the conservation treatment of the valances of a Queen Anne throne canopy Viola Nicastro*, Maria Jordan - maria.jordan@hrp.org.uk; Ian Gibb - ian.gibb@hrp.org.uk Textiles Copenhagen 2017 Paper
18 AF9590, a yellow coffin from the Louvre Museum: Analytical methodology developed within the Vatican Coffin Project Lucile Brunel-Duverger*, Victoria Asensi Amoros - victoria.asensi@free.fr; Laurent Binet - laurent-binet@chimie-parsistech.fr; Hélène Guichard - helene.guichard@louvre.fr; Elsa Lambert - elsa.lambert@culture.gouv.fr; Juliette Langlois - juliette.langlois@culture.gouv.fr; Anne Maigret - anne.maigret@culture.gouv.fr; Patricia Rigault-Déon - patricia.rigault-deon@louvre.fr; Sandrine Pagès-Camagna - sandrine.pages@culture.gouv.fr; Nancy Brodie-Linder - nancy.brodie-linder@u-cergy.fr Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration Copenhagen 2017 Poster
19 Aluminium artefacts in heritage collections: Conservation of surface finishes and aspects Michaela Florescu*, Anne Genachte-Le Bail - anne.genachte-lebail@inp.fr; Aurélia Azéma - aurelia.azema@culture.gouv.fr; Annick Texier - annick.texier@culture.gouv.fr Metals Copenhagen 2017 Poster
20 An axial rotation device for documenting King Tutankhamun’s decorated sticks Ahmed Abdrabou*, Eman Nabil - Emannabil270@yahoo.com; Medhat Abdallah - medhat_abdallah@yahoo.com Documentation Copenhagen 2017 Poster
21 An evaluation of the teaching and learning of reflective practice at the Centre for Textile Conservation, University of Glasgow Sarah Foskett*, Karen Thompson - karen.thompson@glasgow.ac.uk Education and Training in Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
22 An examination of blue faience libation vessels from the tomb of Tutankhamun Eid Mertah*, Ibraheem Salah - ibrahimsalah0@yahoo.com; Mohamed abdelrahman - mohamedabdelrohman@gmail.com; Yasunori Matsuda - y.matsuda@to-bi.ac.jp Ceramics Copenhagen 2017 Poster
23 An in situ non-invasive study of paint layers on Early Netherlandish paintings: New insights into the paintings’ history by portable CXRF Katharina Müller*, Babette Hartwieg - b.hartwieg@smb.spk-berlin.de; Sandra Stelzig - s. Stelzig@smb.spk-berlin.de; Ina Reiche - I.Reiche@smb.spk-berlin.de Scientific Research Copenhagen 2017 Paper
24 An investigation into the lightfastness of metal-complex solvent dyes for use in the restoration of faded mammal taxidermy Julia Sybalsky*, Lisa Elkin - lelkin@amnh.org; Judith Levinson - levinson@amnh.org; Fran Ritchie - fritchie@amnh.org; Paul Whitmore - paul.whitmore@yale.edu Natural History Collections Copenhagen 2017 Paper
25 An investigation of options for surface cleaning unvarnished water-sensitive oil paints based on recent developments for acrylic paints Bronwyn Ormsby*, Jae Youn Chung - Jae.Chung@courtauld.ac.uk; Aviva Burnstock - Aviva.Burnstock@courtauld.ac.uk; Klaas Jan van den Berg - K.van.den.Berg@cultureelerfgoed.nl; Judith Lee - judith.lee@tate.org.uk Paintings Copenhagen 2017 Paper
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