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# Title Authors Working Group Venue/Year Presented Paper/poster
1 'A drop or two': Late medieval recipes on the use of resins and varnishes in paints Indra Kneepkens* Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
2 'Of only modest artistic quality': Reconsidering the significance of firm ecclesiastical wall painting in England, 1845–1920 Elizabeth Woolley* Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
3 "More than a pure technical sensation": Twentieth-century metallic paints, their formulations, and use in paintings Maria Kokkori*, Ken Sutherland, Johanna Salvant, Francesca Casadio, Julie Barten, Carol Stringari Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Paper
4 (S)watch it! Identifying, replicating, and restoring the original color of di Suvero’s K-piece Nikki van Basten*, Susanne Kensche, Lydia Beerkens Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
5 A behaviour index for complex artworks: A conceptual tool for contemporary art conservation Sanneke Stigter* Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
6 A bottom-up and mixed-methods approach to understanding visitors’ perceptions of dust, dirt and cleaning Catherine Dillon*, Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou, Flavia Ravaioli, Cymbeline Storey , Catherine Tully, Graeme McArthur, Katy Lithgow Preventive Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
7 A cape for the Buddha. Notes on Pipilotti Rist’s Himalaya Goldsteins Stube Irene Glanzer*, Andreas Weisser Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
8 A comparison of ethanol and methanol vapour treatments for reshaping birch bark Carole Dignard*, Season Tse, Sonia Kata, Jennifer Poulin Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures Copenhagen 2017 Paper
9 A l’usage des artistes peintres' (Blockx 1881)? Audience and readership of historical recipe books, 1550–1900 Maartje Stols-Witlox* Art Technological Source Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
10 A materials- and values-based approach to the conservation of fashion Sarah Scaturro* Theory and History of Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
11 A modern approach to dismantling and redisplaying a historic blue whale skeleton Arianna Bernucci*, Lorraine Cornish, Cheryl Lynn Natural History Collections Copenhagen 2017 Paper
12 A reality check for microfade testing: Five examples Bruce Ford*, Bruce Ford, Nichola Smith Preventive Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
13 A role for bespoke codes of ethics Jonathan Ashley-Smith* Theory and History of Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
14 A sticky situation: A different method for removing adhesive from an early 17th-century carpet Julia Carlson* Textiles Copenhagen 2017 Paper
15 A taste of pearl: (Re)discovering a modern lead white in PMMA sculptures Sara Babo*, Eva M. Angelin, Joana L. Ferreira, Maria J. Melo Scientific Research Copenhagen 2017 Poster
16 Accessioning and documentation of Pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 until now Stephanie de Roemer*, Tarn Brown Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Copenhagen 2017 Paper
17 Adhesive removal using gels for the conservation treatment of the valances of a Queen Anne throne canopy Viola Nicastro*, Maria Jordan, Ian Gibb Textiles Copenhagen 2017 Paper
18 AF9590, a yellow coffin from the Louvre Museum: Analytical methodology developed within the Vatican Coffin Project Lucile Brunel-Duverger*, Victoria Asensi Amoros, Laurent Binet, Hélène Guichard, Elsa Lambert, Juliette Langlois, Anne Maigret, Patricia Rigault-Déon, Sandrine Pagès-Camagna, Nancy Brodie-Linder Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration Copenhagen 2017 Poster
19 Aluminium artefacts in heritage collections: Conservation of surface finishes and aspects Michaela Florescu*, Anne Genachte-Le Bail, Aurélia Azéma, Annick Texier Metals Copenhagen 2017 Poster
20 An axial rotation device for documenting King Tutankhamun’s decorated sticks Ahmed Abdrabou*, Eman Nabil, Medhat Abdallah Documentation Copenhagen 2017 Poster
21 An evaluation of the teaching and learning of reflective practice at the Centre for Textile Conservation, University of Glasgow Sarah Foskett*, Karen Thompson Education and Training in Conservation Copenhagen 2017 Paper
22 An examination of blue faience libation vessels from the tomb of Tutankhamun Eid Mertah*, Ibraheem Salah, Mohamed abdelrahman, Yasunori Matsuda Ceramics Copenhagen 2017 Poster
23 An in situ non-invasive study of paint layers on Early Netherlandish paintings: New insights into the paintings’ history by portable CXRF Katharina Müller*, Babette Hartwieg, Sandra Stelzig s., Ina Reiche Scientific Research Copenhagen 2017 Paper
24 An investigation into the lightfastness of metal-complex solvent dyes for use in the restoration of faded mammal taxidermy Julia Sybalsky*, Lisa Elkin, Judith Levinson, Fran Ritchie, Paul Whitmore Natural History Collections Copenhagen 2017 Paper
25 An investigation of options for surface cleaning unvarnished water-sensitive oil paints based on recent developments for acrylic paints Bronwyn Ormsby*, Jae Youn Chung, Aviva Burnstock, Klaas Jan van den Berg, Judith Lee Paintings Copenhagen 2017 Paper
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