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  • Revealing the archetype: The journey of a trecento Madonna and Child at the National Museum of Scotland
  • Diana de Bellaigue
  • Lore Troalen - L.Troalen@nms.ac.uk; Mark Richter - Mark.Richter@glasgow.ac.uk; Luca Palozzi - Luca.Palozzi@ed.ac.uk; Tobias Schwarz - Tobias.Schwarz@ed.ac.uk; Malinalli Wong Rueda - maliwr@ciencias.unam.mx; Thomas Challands - tom.challands@ed.ac.uk; Rachel King - Rachel.King@glasgowlife.org.uk
  • Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration
  • Paper
  • Copenhagen 2017
  • English

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