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  • AF9590, a yellow coffin from the Louvre Museum: Analytical methodology developed within the Vatican Coffin Project
  • Lucile Brunel-Duverger
  • Victoria Asensi Amoros - victoria.asensi@free.fr; Laurent Binet - laurent-binet@chimie-parsistech.fr; Hélène Guichard - helene.guichard@louvre.fr; Elsa Lambert - elsa.lambert@culture.gouv.fr; Juliette Langlois - juliette.langlois@culture.gouv.fr; Anne Maigret - anne.maigret@culture.gouv.fr; Patricia Rigault-Déon - patricia.rigault-deon@louvre.fr; Sandrine Pagès-Camagna - sandrine.pages@culture.gouv.fr; Nancy Brodie-Linder - nancy.brodie-linder@u-cergy.fr
  • Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration
  • Poster
  • Copenhagen 2017
  • English

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